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2006 Lotus Elise

2006 Lotus Elise ForcedFed 275 Sport

Something special for a special customer.  This 2006 Elise, a perfect candidate for some upgrades at something near 5000 miles.  Theres no question that this vehicle stock is a purely fun and amazingly constructed track-proven achievement.  We made it better.

As a Volkswagen, Volvo and Mazda dealer weve had our fair share of exposure to forced induction.  Few kits come close to the quality of the components used on this vehicle.  From an upgraded, baffled oil pan to the powder-coated charge pipes the kit looks as stock as anything youd expect from a manufacturer like Lotus.  But its not.  One turn of the ignition and a quick spin around the block will inform every one of your senses that this is no longer the case.

4.0 seconds to 60mph with a GT28R turbo.  275 horsepower.  Nitron coilovers with adjustable height and dampening. HID converted headlights. Gauges, brakes and lots of other fun goodies.

If youre one of the lucky owners of an Elise or Exige, drop us a line to talk about some of the things we can do to make that already big smile of yours just a little bit bigger.