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Project C30

Project C30

Part 1:

Our 2008 Volvo C30 2.0 with all kinds of bells and whistles rolled off the truck 02Sep2007.  It was quickly taken out of transport mode, detailed and filled with 92 octane until it would take no more.  Plans for this vehicle are being made but include some exploration of intake (K&N Typhoon?), Software, 3” Turbo-back, Suspension and possibly some other goodies.  Stay tuned for details, here are a few shots of the H&R Street Performance Coil Over being installed as well as the OEM Volvo Sport Pedal Set:

Part 2:

The next step was the only obvious one: suspension. There are already quite a few options out there, but we went with an old favorite, something that we knew just couldnt miss. We ordered up a set of H&R street performance coilovers. To complete the package we also sent for an iPd rear sway bar and a set of adjustable rear arms from ViVA Performance. 

We sent it out to the shop and away they went removing all of the 500 mile old factory suspension components. Immediately after install it was sent to our Arago V3D Wheel Aligner to get all corners pointed straight ahead.

The result has been a solid but very comfortable ride. The largest advantage of the coilovers of course, is the adjustable ride height and a perfectly matched damper/spring combination. The total package has created a much more neutral personality through the corners and gave a stance thatll make you weak in the knees. This car is very civil for such an aggressive setup, and very is well suited for a daily driver.

We really couldnt be happier with the outcome of this step, it really made for an amazing transformation.